Harper's Weekly 10/14/1865


We print on this page two engravings pertaining
to two very different periods in the life of President
Andrew Johnson: The first is a picture of the
tailor-shop in Greenville, East Tennessee, where as
a young man he labored at his trade. One of his
comrades, still living, says that Johnson could beat
him at making a coat, though his spelling was rather
below the mark. But the future President mended
in the matter of spelling after he marri d, as we all
know, and has rather outstripped his old comrade.
Our second illustration represents President John-
in the attitude of pardoning rebels who have
returned to their allegiance. Hundreds of these
pardon-seekers daily besiege the White House.
They crowd into the ante-room and are ushered into
the President's presence each in his turn, and if
found all right on the record they are pardoned,
otherwise not.

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