Harper's Weekly 05/26/1866


May 8:

In the House, debate was opened on the joint resolution
reported by the Reconstruction Committee proposing a
Constitutional Amendment.—In the evening the Tax bill
was taken up, and the first section, imposing a tax of five
cents per pound on cotton, was adopted.

May 9:

In the Senate, the House resolution appointing a Com-
missioner to select a site for the New York Post-office was
passed.—A bill to incorporate the National Theological
Institute of the District of Columbia was passed. The
object of the Institute is the education of colored men for
the Christian ministry.

May 10:

In the Senate, the Post-office Appropriation bill was
taken up, the pending question being on Mr. Trumbull's
amendment, providing that no compensation be paid to
any Assistant Postmaster until his appointment is con-
firmed by the Senate, unless commissioned to fill a va-
cancy occasioned by death, resignation, or expiration of
office during the recess of the Senate. The Senate was
addressed by Mr. Howard and Mr. Cowan. The vote
being reached the amendment was disagreed to—yeas 16,
nays 23. The bill was then passed.

In the House, the joint resolution to amend the Consti-
tution was passed, including the Disfranchisement clause,
128 to 37.

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