Harper's Weekly 12/22/1866


Governor Pierpont sent in his Message to the Vir-
ginia Legislature December 3. He recommends the
passage of the Constitutional Amendment. In regard
to the Amendment he asks:

“But are the conditions imposed by Congress hard?
Congress indicated that the disabilities enumerated
in the Amendment are not to be perpetual, by reserv-
ing to itself the power to repeal them. The conditions
are not nearly as hard as they might be. The person
of the citizen is safe; his property is not threatened
with confiscation; it is not proposed to administer
our laws by strangers; the power over the question
of suffrage is left with the States. For the sake of
securing peace and its blessings, may it not be an act
of exalted patriotism for a portion of the old and the
middle-aged citizens to yield gracefully to a necessity
they can not avert? It only brings the young men a
little earlier into public life, and will tend to the earlier
development of their energies. By the acceptance of the
Amendment tranquillity will be secured to the South.
The young men and the old men will enter upon a
new field of prosperity; intercommunications will be
opened between all parts of the country, and by the
exercise of a little forbearance, in a few years a perfect
restoration will be effected.”

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