Harper's Weekly 12/29/1866


The Charleston Courier of December 15 contains the
report of the Legislative Committee appointed to take
into consideration the question of the adoption or re-
jection of the Constitutional Amendment. The Com-
mittee state that they have given the important ques-
tion a careful consideration, and have come to the
conclusion to recommend to the Legislature that the
Amendment be not adopted. This recommendation
will no doubt be acted on at once, and the Amend-
ment may, therefore, so far as the Palmetto State is
concerned, be considered as rejected. The Govern-
ment, it is known, fully agrees with the decision which
has been arrived at by the Committee. The Courier
also contains the report of the Committee appointed
by the Legislature to consider the question of a call
for a National Convention, which report is directly
antagonistic to the position just assumed by Ex-Gov-
ernor Perry.

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