Harper's Weekly 03/02/1867


The Bankrupt Bill, somewhat amended, passed the
Senate on February 12 by a vote of 22 to 20; and being
returned to the House the amendments were noncon-
curred in. The Senate insisted on its amendments,
and a committee of conference was appointed.

The bill to establish a Provisional Government in
Louisiana, and provide for the reorganization of that
State on the basis of loyal and impartial suffrage,
passed the House on February 12 by a vote sufficient-
ly large if necessary to overcome a veto; but had not
reached the Senate up to February 18.

Mr. Stevens's bill to establish military governments
in the South, which provides for the division of the
Southern States into five military districts, each to be
commanded by a general officer of the army, was
passed by the House on February 13 by a vote of 109
yeas to 55 nays. The bill reached the Senate on Feb-
ruary 16 and was defeated. Mr. Sherman, of Ohio,
then offered a substitute retaining the principal pro-
vision—the division of the Southern States in five
military districts—and after a debate which lasted un-
til six o'clock the next (Sabbath) morning, it was
passed by the decisive vote of 29 yeas to 10 nays. An
amendment providing that no sentence of death under
the act should be carried into execution without the
approval of the President was adopted. As this bill
in every important respect is identical with that of
Mr. Stevens it will probably pass the House promptly
and by a decisive vote, sufficiently strong to overcome
the veto, which it will certainly encounter.

The bill equalizing the bounties of soldiers and
sailors passed the House on February 15. It involves
the payment of over $250,000,000 out of the Treasury
as bounty money.

A bill nullifying the pardons of the President to
such rebels as have not been tried and convicted was
introduced into the House on February 18.

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