Harper's Weekly 06/27/1868


The Texas Reconstruction Convention is now in
session, and has talked of selling a portion of the
State to the General Government. Some of the more
bitter rebels in the Convention want to adopt the
State Convention of 1861, adopted under Confeder-
ate rule.

The South Carolina Democratic Convention has se-
lected among its delegates to the New York Conven-
tion Wade Hampton, J. B. Campbell R. B. Rhett, Jun-
and M. W. Gary, three of whom were generals in the
rebel army.

The new Governor of Florida, Mr. Harrison Reed,
has been inaugurated, and the new Legislature has as-
sembled at Tallahassee. The military authorities ob-
jected to this action until the readmission bill before
Congress had been passed. The Radicals have a
majority of thirty-two in the Legislature on joint

The President on June 12 sent to the Senate the
nomination of Reverdy Johnson as Minister to En-
gland, and that body promptly confirmed it.

The name of President Andrew Johnson has been
stricken from the roll of membership of the New
York Union League.

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