Harper's Weekly 08/01/1868


Governor Smith, of Alabama, was inaugurated July
14. His message strongly recommends the removal
of political disabilities, and bitterly denounces dis-
franchisement except for crimes. There are about
thirty colored members of the Legislature, and the
chaplain and sergeant-at-arms of the House are col-

A serious riot occurred in Millican, Texas, on the
15th July, and continued the next day. It is said to
have been occasioned by the diappearance of a negro
member of the Loyal League, who was supposed to
have been hung by white men, but who subsequently
made his appearance. Between fifty and sixty lives
are supposed to have been lost.

Advices from the Plains state that the Indians have
notified the military authorities that war would be re-
sumed unless arms and ammunition were supplied to
them in accordance with the terms of the treaty. Sev-
eral depredatins were committed soon afterward, and
the military commanders in the department have been
ordered to prepare for active service.

Secretary Seward, on July 20, issued his proclama-
tion announcing that the Constitutional amendment
known as the fourteenth article has been ratified by
the necessary number of States, and has now become
a part of the Constitution. It establishes the equal
civil rights in all the States and Territories of citizens
of all races and colors, and proclaims all persons born
or naturalized in the United States citizens thereof;
it establishes a new system of representation in Con-
gress on the basis of suffrage, leaving every State free
to adopt a universal or qualified suffrage limited to
males above the age of twenty-one years, thus exclud-
ing the women under the supreme law.

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